Unvaccinated family trips: is it possible?

Unvaccinated family trips: is it possible?

Unvaccinated family trips: is it possible?


COVID-19: no one can deny the effects it had on the way we live our lives and the way we interact with people.

It marked a sudden change in the status quo, and as it happens, it sparked the urge to adapt to the situation and play by a new set of rules.


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How was the case for travelers?

Certainly, one of those affected the most by the pandemic today are travelers: flights were put on halt at first and even later on, restrictions and strict policies still had to be followed to ensure a safe trip. But with most countries starting the vaccine roll-out (averaging 1.87 Billion vaccinated people today), putting forth the assumption that flights and trips are getting safer is not so far-fetched. 


This was specially brought in the case of vaccinated adults traveling with unvaccinated kids.

Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease expert and senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, claims it is possible to do so and states: “I think it’s relatively safe. Children tend to be spared from the severe consequences of disease and they tend not to be spreaders.” Still, this take is controversial amongst experts and policymakers, and rightfully so. 


As we will discuss shortly after, many factors need to be taken into account when traveling: the destination, the speed rate of the vaccination process in each region, and the different restrictions that travelers have to go through. 


Helpful tips when traveling under COVID-19 restrictions

To be clear, traveling vaccinated is still the most recommended option for tourists as this limits the spread of the virus and lowers the risk of getting infected. However, if need be, the barrier gestures and habits still apply: wearing the mask as long as possible, keeping a safe distance from travelers outside your group, and washing your hands regularly are staples when it comes to preserving one’s health.


In addition, monitoring a country's rate of infection and restriction policy is also helpful in choosing an adequate location. You might want to check Canitravel.net to keep yourself updated on the latest changes in restrictions and travel procedures.


Traveling unvaccinated today: possible, but HOW and WHERE?

With the summer season coming its way, many countries have started opening their borders for visitors. 

Even though vaccinated individuals will have a much easier time during their vacations, (with the introduction of vaccine passports) those who are still waiting to get their shot can also enjoy traveling abroad, even more so in the case of unvaccinated kids. 

You can imagine a family trip being ruined because the children are still on the waiting list for the vaccines, but that is no longer the case. 

Below we prepared a plenitude of major tourist locations that people can visit unvaccinated along with the specified procedures that might have to be followed in the process.



According to visitbarbados.org, as of  May 8, vaccinated visitors will only have to quarantine for 2 days, and show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken 72-hours before the flight, this procedure also applies to unvaccinated minors traveling with vaccinated adults. However, a group of vaccinated and unvaccinated adults will still have to quarantine for 5-7 days.



If it ever were possible for the Greek, Persian, and Egyptian eras to meet each other then Cyprus would be the perfect place to host them. As of May 10th, people can visit the historical monuments it holds from old times and experience the perks of time travel added to it the touch of modern sights and tropical beaches. 

For those unvaccinated and coming from a green light country, quarantining is no longer a necessity. However, for those visiting from amber and red light countries, showcasing a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours before the flight is a necessity. Added to that, having to quarantine might be required depending on the infection rate in the location of your departure.



Famous for its stunning archipelago and crystal clear beaches, Croatia stands as a major tourist destination. Although the scenery plays a pivotal role in boosting its rank amongst visitors(9th according in 2019 according to WorldData) making it almost picturesque, a strong argument can be made in favor of its traditional cuisine: characterized as being both varied and inclusive of all demographics (talking to you vegans and vegetarians).  Since April 1st, borders have been officially opened to those who can present a negative PCR test within 48 hours of departure or can show proof of diagnosis and recovery from the virus in a period of no longer than 180 days before the flight.



Starting May 16th, quarantining will be waived for comers from the EU, UK, and Israel provided that they showcase a negative COVID-19 test before the flight. This is only a first initiative for the government in opening its borders, as more procedures and actions are expected in the coming months, such as the transition from ‘COVID-tested’ flights between the US and Italy to regular flights, whereas the former requires passengers to take 3 test: one 48 hours before boarding, another at the airport, and a final one on arrival. The latter, according to Delta airlines will only require a test before arrival and another one upon arrival starting July 1st.



Officially on March 18th, visitors are welcome in Iceland: going on a glacier hike, having a dip in the Blue Lagoon, or witnessing the gorgeous Northern Lights might just be what you need to wash the steam of a long year. As of today, those from EEA/EFTA countries (EU member states plus Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland) can enter: the only condition is to showcase a negative test result 72 hours before boarding or take a PCR test upon arrival and quarantine for 5 Days. The Icelandair site mentions that quarantine can be done at government-run hotels free of charge or an appropriate accommodation if the requirements are fully met.


To conclude


Traveling under COVID-19 circumstances might just be getting easier and more accessible for vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, and we can expect restrictions to be slowly loosened as more people get vaccinated, so if you are traveling from UK, US, or Ireland you can get 35% off on your COVID-19 test through our partners at LGC just by clicking this link.



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