Dominican Republic Covid Travel 2023

Dominican Republic Covid Travel 2023

The Dominican Republic has largely lifted all significant travel restrictions.

As of April 23, 2022, International passengers and crew members do not need to present a COVID-19 Vaccination Card, PCR, or antigen test to enter the Dominican Republic or to receive services such as excursions and restaurants. Random COVID-19 testing for passengers upon arrival in the DR will no longer be performed. However, when required, random testing operations may be performed. Passengers who present their Vaccination Card will be exempted from random testing.

E-Ticket Requirement:

All foreign and Dominican passengers entering or leaving the Dominican Republic on commercial flights must complete an e-ticket. This electronic form combines the Traveler’s Health Affidavit, Customs Declaration and International Embarkation/Disembarkation forms. The form can be accessed through the following link:

Visas are not required for visits shorter than 30 days. All visitors will be charged a $10 tourist card fee at each airport and incorporated into airline charges. A passport and an onward/return ticket are needed for entry into the country and may be obtained beforehand at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City or an approved Dominican Consulate.

As of February 16, 2022, all restrictive measures imposed by COVID-19 are suspended, and it will be up to each individual to take his or her own actions to safeguard his or her health, responsibly. The Commonwealth of the Dominican Republic has taken the necessary steps to protect its visitors in the most secure way possible. For example, hotel occupancy has increased to 100% per cent and public spaces such as airports and stadiums have been reopened for people wishing to travel again under normal circumstances. Moreover, people with a valid vaccination card who wish to use public transportation vehicles should not worry about restrictions imposed for their protection; rather these measures are being implemented as part of a strategy that encourages proper precautionary action in order not to hinder professionals' efforts in getting the disease under control.


Find the most up-to-date information on entry requirements to the Dominican Republic Here.


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Dominican Republic Covid Travel 2023

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Dominican Republic Covid Travel 2023

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