How Covid-19 is Saving More Life Than It's Taking – A Different Perspective

How Covid-19 is Saving More Life Than It's Taking – A Different Perspective

Coronavirus is having a devastating impact on society. You only have to take a look at the death rates all around the world to understand this. But Covid-19 is also saving lives. This may be an unusual statement to make, but it’s true. A shift in the way we live our lives means that there is a new ‘normal’ in place. And this unique landscape has dramatically changed the world around us. As a result, certain deaths are now being avoided and prevented.


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The Impact of Covid-19

The key to fighting coronavirus has been social distancing. And this is why the vast majority of nations have gone into lockdown. Children are no longer going to school and, aside from key workers, adults are not required to attend their workplaces. The immediate impact is more than obvious. There is less traffic on the roads and fewer people walking on the streets. It’s a scenario which has never been seen before and is saving lives in the following ways:


  • Fewer Road Accidents: The lockdown has meant that there is very little need to travel aside from essential trips to the supermarket or for medical matters. Accordingly, there is less traffic on the roads. At the same time there are fewer pedestrians on the streets. Both of these factors have combined to deliver a huge drop in the number of road accidents. Not only are serious injuries being minimized, but the number of road accident deaths has dropped.


  • Less Accidents at Work: Certain jobs are more dangerous than others. In fact, there are industries where the risk of death is significant. Construction work, for example, carries more risk than an office job. However, with so many industries going on hold, the number of accidents at work has fallen. The majority of employees are remaining safe at home and any workplace deaths are limited to a select few industries.


  • Reduced Air Pollution: With traffic and industry grinding to a halt there has been an almost instant drop in air pollution. And this cleaner air is bringing major health benefits. The reduction in allergens and toxic chemicals are the most important effects on offer. Individuals whose health would have been threatened have instead found that life has been easier than ever. In particular, the risks of strokes, lung cancer, and heart disease have all shrunk.


  • Less Crime: The restriction in movement put in place by lockdown has led to a reduction in crime. And this has also led to coronavirus saving lives. Many deaths are the result of crime be it through violent crime or allowing illegal and dangerous activities to take place. But lockdown has put these threats on hold. The public is safer at home and the opportunity for committing crimes has almost disappeared.


Final Thoughts

The impact of coronavirus has been swift and hard, but the statistics show that more people are surviving than if the world was running normally. The main driving forces behind the falling death rates are restrictions in activity through lockdown and cleaner air. It doesn’t necessarily offer a permanent solution to so many avoidable deaths, but it could help to shape a safer future.

By Liron Achdut on LL

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