EU pushes to reunite couples separated by travel ban

EU pushes to reunite couples separated by travel ban

Updated 23/09/2020

In a much-anticipated speech at a press conference in Brussels, the EU Commission spokesman Adalbert Jahnz announced the Commission's commitment to ending the long-enduring separation of EU residents from their loved ones abroad.

It did so by pressing the EU members to adopt such measure in a letter directed to all member states, and by exempting them from entry ban restrictions targeting certain nations.

“Under the current legal situation, Member States can allow unmarried partners with duly attested relationships to enter the EU if they choose to do so. We repeatedly encouraged the Member States to use this possibility. Currently, only a minority of the Member States do so,”

This issue has been afflicting millions worldwide since the travel ban and lockdown measures were put in place. Under the current rule, only residents of the Union states, as well as EEA, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and micronations, such as Monaco, Andorra, San Marino and Vatican City can travel the bloc (mostly) restriction-free.

All this was possible also thanks to the online community's commotion, under the banners of #LoveIsNotTourism #LoveIsEssential, among other movements, who's creators have now praised the EU for leading the way on such a heartfelt issue.

Some countries had already taken similar steps; following the Commission's conference and online outcry, Germany has announced that it will readmit foreign partners in the country, starting on Monday 10th of August, and has also pledged to coordinate a unified EU response, in support of the initiative.

Currently, it is up to each nation to individually decide on exemptions to the EU entry ban, however, several member states have yet to pronounce on possible resolutions. 

Only 9 states have so far implemented some measures to lift entry bans on "third countries" cross-border relationships;  Restrictions such as COVID-19 testing and quarantine remain in place, and they will also be required to provide extensive evidence of their long-standing relationship.


Full list of countries:

- Austria

- Czech Republic

- Denmark

- Finland

- France *since 11/08

- Germany

- Iceland

- Italy *09/09

- Norway

- The Netherlands

- Switzerland

Every country will apply different conditions to the "partner reunion", therefore it is advised checking official sources (govt website) for the full list of requirements.

By George on LL

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