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Who Are We?

We are 3 lifelong friends, living remotely, yet joining our experience, creativity and differences in regular online brainstormings sessions, often resulting in real-life problem-solving ideas that may or may not see the light of day. is when they do!

Our Mission

We are a small team with the ambitious goal of providing clear, dependable, free and accessible information for all travellers worldwide. aims to encourage people to make an informed choice in order to travel safely and responsibly.

We are currently focused on navigating the confusing realm of Covid-19 restrictions, but looking out for a Coronavirus free world where we can help anyone start their new journey of life in a foreign nation.

Team of
Filippo Galli

Filippo Galli

Developer, our engine and motivator

Giorgio Motti

Giorgio Motti

Social media and creative, source of several of the despicable ideas you see

Fred Balzi

Fred Balzi

Marketing and SEO, the go-getter and optimizer

Travellers in distress

As border closures were first put in place by governments around the world, the 3 of us were living apart, split between Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Despite our best efforts, and solid travel experience, it was a struggle for us to find reliable information on the current travel restrictions.

The idea of being forcefully separated from our loved ones was deeply distressing; as a result of our shared frustration, after weeks of lockdown, countless meetings and a bunch of sleepless nights, was born.

First version of canitravelOur earliest version of

Your support helps us provide free independent information to all travellers around the globe

Your support helps us provide free independent information to all travellers around the globe

To learn more about our values, our sweat and tears and what’s in it for you

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Team of canitravel.netPosing for a daily meeting. Find more about us here

Small Team. Big Ambitions.

Running a website this size has a lot of expenses and we are currently a 3 people army in desperate need for backup. Our responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Designing and improving our custom website, continuously updating, researching and developing the data, responding to your feedback and queries, accounting, secretary and legal work and signing partnerships and business deals to stay afloat.

We learned a lot and truly love it, but it’s about time to expand our team to keep up with demand and continue improving and increasing our offering.

Some of our stats

Apps involved in our day to day:


Excruciating bugs encountered:


Meetings we sat through:


Complaints about lockdown?


Lots of cool features coming your way

We truly value your input, all your emails, reports and the amazing feedback we receive every day. We often bring them up in our daily meetings and, positive or negative, your insight keeps us on track with what needs work, our priorities, and all the new features we should develop.

Some of those new features are:

  • Country-specific alerts
  • A brand new country layout
  • Simplified and more extensive country restrictions
  • More filters to base your search on
  • More ways to share restrictions
  • More ways for you to send feedback and reports

And plenty more cooking!

We hear you

Every day we receive emails from all over, people sharing their struggles, desperately trying to return to their home country, some trying to save their long-awaited trip and often stories of couples and families separated by the pandemic.

Your genuine issues are a great motivation and allow us to shape the platform to assist more people around the world. Keep them coming!

You’re just a step away...

Every contribution, however big or small, is going to have a huge impact on our future!





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