is changing, get a chance to be part of our future is changing, get a chance to be part of our future

Things have not been the same at was started in the blissful ignorance of March 2020. What began as a distraction from our “covid normal” lives, rapidly caught fire and spread into our full-time obsession. As 3 lifelong friends and travelers, we were just one example of the many lives dramatically affected by the pandemic: stranded across South East Asia, we (Filippo, Fred and Giorgio) launched this startup with the impetus to channel our inner frustration into a solution for us and others around the world. Though there has been incredible growth and enthusiasm for the project thus far, our personal struggles brought us to finally do the self-reflection that many achieved during lockdown and reevaluate our lifestyles and priorities. For our team, this meant prioritizing friendship over company, and for Filippo and Fred, this ultimately means pursuing their passions over the grueling startup lifestyle.


Where are we now?


The project is at a pivotal point.

No matter how sought-after a product or service is there can be no meaningful change brought to market without capital investment to help shepherd that original vision come to fruition. It’s time to expand and that includes new ideas and new faces.

We want this venture to continue to thrive and help millions of individuals and companies across the globe. That’s where we find ourselves today and that’s why we are reaching out. We are ideally looking for investment partnerships that can help take into new relationships within the international travel market, scale up our operations and expand our offerings to our loyal users, or for a takeover that will carry on our vision. The small group of dedicated individuals that helped build has been able to reach milestones and garner some buzz that we are very proud of and now we invite you to join us. 


Here are some of our achievements:


  • Built the first Covid travel restrictions website and the first to introduce a new complex system, based on the unique needs of each traveler, in a combination of: Departure location, destination, nationality, and vaccination status.

  • Aiding hundreds of thousands of people around the world with information and movement, reaching over a million page views within the first year.

  • Associations with large international airlines (Delta, Emirates), Travel sites (Kayak), Government Agencies, News outlets (TorontoSun, Forbes magazine) and more.

  • A fully remote close-knit team, spread across four continents, full of amazing people passionate about making the world better.


We believe our users should get a chance to help shape our future. If you are interested in speaking with us please do not hesitate to get in touch:


book yourself a meeting slot here, if the meeting time isn’t available you can reach us at [email protected] 

If you have found value in our service and would like to support us and help us keep going until we get new investment partners please donate here.


You read this far and still wanna help out, but don't have the funds nor the connections? Well, thank you! Please send us your proposal at [email protected]


By George on LL

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